Renesas ADAS Starter Kit Welcomes the ADAS Surround View Kit

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Renesas ADAS Starter Kit Welcomes the ADAS Surround View Kit

Renesas is changing the automotive industry for good. Following the launch this summer of the ADAS Starter Kit (sold separately), Renesas Electronics has released the ADAS Surround View Kit, to accelerate the development of surround view applications, when combined with the ADAS Starter Kit in particular. Surround view applications are expected to play a major role, providing comfort and safety features.

Renesas ADAS Surround View KitThe kit combines automotive cameras from Integrated Micro-electronics and multiple high-speed gigabit multimedia serial links (GMSL) from Maxim Integrated Products on a miniature automotive chassis. System manufacturers do not need to source and set up all these specific automotive components. The kit also provides a two-channel CAN interface and a gigabit Ethernet connector interface for in-car applications, where the model chassis is not used.

Top view monitoring, which provides a 360-degree view around a vehicle, is evolving into surround monitoring systems that utilize image recognition technology.

The new addition to the lineup, the R-Car V2H, with the small size of less than 10x10cm, provides a beautiful three-dimensional panorama image of the vehicle surroundings on a high-definition 3D display and has four independent channels for image recognition, delivering the smartest high-resolution systems with enhanced visibility.

It is connected to the Starter Kit via an on-board extension connector. The new kit is based on the R-Car H2 SoC, which is capable of delivering more than 25,000 DMIPS and provides 3D graphics capabilities and vision processing cores. The SoC supports up to four independent input HD camera channels, allowing easy implementation of 360° camera views and object recognition.

Maxim Integrated’s MAX9272A and MAX9275 gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) serializers and deserializers (SerDes) used in the Surround View Kit are designed primarily for automotive video applications such as ADAS & Infotainment. Maxim’s GMSL SerDes technology provides a compression-free alternative to Ethernet, delivering 10x faster data rates, 50% lower cabling costs, and better EMC. The ADAS Starter Kit comes with coax cables having a length of 20cm, but they can be exchanged to longer ones as Maxim’s GMSL chipsets drive 15 meters of coax or shielded twisted-pair (STP) cabling, thereby providing the margin required for robust and versatile designs.

The ADAS Surround View Kit is available now, with shipping scheduled to begin in December 2015. For more information about the ADAS Surround View Kit, please visit the Renesas website at

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