RCD – Pulse Tolerant Surface Mount Resistors!

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Product Announcement from RCD Components, Inc Series PRM withstand high energy pulses, and are superior to conventional film & wire wound types. The heavy-duty construction features a ceramic core, enabling improved thermal transfer and long term stability. Elements are protected by flame-retardant molding for excellent environmental performance. Alpha-numeric marking is standard. PRM resistors are cost effective [...]

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RCD SWIFT with Extra Capacity Added

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RCD Components completed the expansion of their SWIFT™ production line in Manchester, NH. With this unique service, RCD can now offer non-stock product in as little as 3 days! RCD has billions of resistors, inductors and capacitors in inventory! This includes most resistor types including customs. For example, if you need a 5W 128.697 ohm 0.01% [...]

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RCD’s SWIFT Program Delivers Inventory Faster Than Ever!

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RCD Components implemented their SWIFT program which provides fast resistor delivery, getting even unique stock items to you within one week! RCD has tripled their inventory in an effort to deliver to customers requiring high volume products directly from what they have in stock. Customers can now get resistors, capacitors and inductors exactly when they need [...]

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RCD Components INC

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The widest range of thin film chip resistors are offered by RCD Components Inc.  RCD Components is a leader around the world in the production of critical application passive components, and recently proclaimed an incredible advancement in their thin film surface mount resistor offering. RCD Components is well known for their popular “BLU-chip” series and is [...]

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RCD Components Inc

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RCD Components INC. is a producer of fixed resistors, capacitors, coils and delay lines at a leading national level. RCD was founded in 1973, and at the time, was a power wire wound resistor producer. RCD quickly proved their leadership in this market in the area of ultra precision resistors. RCD is involved around the world [...]

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RCD Has the Widest Range of Passive Components!

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The industry’s widest range of passives. In addition to a full line of standard components, RCD has been a key supplier of commercial & military-grade specialty products for 40 years, including some of the world’s smallest, largest, high/low temp extreme, high vibration/ power/ voltage/ current/ frequency and most stable state-of-the-art components ever made...  - Precision film/ [...]

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RCD Interactive

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RCD Components has a complete line of Resistors, Delay Lines, Inductors, and Ceramic and Tantalum Capacitors. Please visit RCD InterActive® (an exclusive web-based passive design tool), for an innovative search engine, which allows engineers and technical buyers to search for passive products using technical attributes and filtered parameters, resulting in remarkably fast product discovery. http://www.rcdcomponents.com/rcd/interactivemore.htm

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