NMB for All of Your Needs

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NMB's cooling fans and blowers provide cooling solutions to your system thermal problems. The need for forced-air cooling by using an AC or DC axial fan or blower should be determined at an early stage in the system design. It is important that the design plans for good airflow to heat-generating components and allows adequate space [...]

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NMB – IP69K Rated Cooling Fans

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NMB’s mission is to provide products and solutions of unmatched value. In addition to providing impeccable quality, NMB must continually engineer new ways to manufacture, test and deliver reliable, high-performance products at lower cost. As part of the Minebea Group of Companies, NMB is able to offer vast international resources including vertically integrated operations and highly [...]

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NMB Fans

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In this episode, Tom gives detailed specification insights on the high performance and high efficiency fans by NMB. A world leader in fan systems, NMB offers new series that have better performance, increased efficiency at a lower price point. Watch the video below for further insight and details.

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NMB’s Proprietary Fan Trays

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NMB developed proprietary fan trays for the purpose of meeting ongoing cooling solution needs from the telecom, heat exchanger and HVAC industries. Due to the environmental thermal challenges occurring today, NMB is constantly working on their design, development and manufacturing of these custom fan tray assemblies. Different NMB turn-key solutions include: Local design and development Enclosure [...]

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NMB Releases Two New DC Axial Cooling Fans

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NMB’s two new DC axial cooling fans provide high speed, high efficiency and low noise in a condensed, powerful package. Created with servers, telecoms and medical applications in mind, where high dependability in compact spaces proves difficult, these NMB fans provide the answer to the thermal call! NMB Technologies Corporation, a Minebea Group Company, announced in [...]

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R and F Series of High Performance High Efficiency Fans from NMB

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NMB Technologies Corporation, a Minebea Group Company produced a new group of high efficiency and high powered series of cooling fans and impellers. These satisfy the demands of applications such as storage and server rack systems, routers and switches, base stations, modular data systems, and applications for medical and industrial purposes. NMB recently designed the R [...]

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Programmable LED Drivers from NMB

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NMB Technologies, an expert in electrical rotating components, which include cooling fans, motors and bearings, has introduced a new standard series of low and high current LED dimmable programmable drivers. NMB’s CLSD Series satisfies market requirements for a single driver, including a large range of currents and voltages. The latest CLSD Series of LED drivers allows the [...]

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NMB’s New Cooling Fan Online Tool

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NMB Technologies, a Minebea Group Company and the world’s largest manufacturer of miniature precision ball bearings has just developed a new cooling fan visual selection tool! As a volume leader in the design and manufacturing of precision electro-mechanical components which include cooling fans and blowers, precision small motors and mechanical bearing assemblies, and a total solutions [...]

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NMB’s 10~20W LED drivers

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NMB produced a programmable LED driver that is 10~20W and adds flexibility to any design. It is able to do this because it offers the option to choose the driver’s output current, depending on the application’s requirements. This LED driver has the capability to be programmed as many times as needed to achieve perfect results. The [...]

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NMB releases their new 22~40W LED driver!

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If you are looking for a new and improved LED driver, then NMB has you covered! NMB recently released their new 22~40W LED driver, which offers a certain programmable feature that allows a single driver to cover the output currents of 700 to 2200 mA, a 0~10 low-voltage dimming function, IP 66 rating, high efficiency and [...]

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