CTS Ultra-low Jitter Clock Oscillators

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Low Jitter Clock Portfolio Expansion CTS Corporation announces three new models added to its family of high-frequency low jitter Clock for standard frequencies between 125MHz and 170MHz.  Model 633 [3.2x2.5mm] features clock rates between 10MHz through 220MHz and phase jitter performance less than 500fs throughout the frequency range.  All three models are available with LVPECL [...]

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CTS Expands Current Sensing Resistor Product Line

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CTS has announced a major expansion to its Current Sensing Resistor portfolio. New designs providing lower resistance values down to 0.25 milliohms, increased power ratings up to 5 Watts and more standard EIA package sizes are now available. Current sensing resistors are used in electronic systems to monitor the flow of current by translating into a [...]

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CTS EMI Filters

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On this episode of Tech Talk with Tom Griffin, Tom gives an insightful overview of CTS EMI Filters. He discusses the specifications, applications and features as well as other valuable information about the CTS EMI Filters. Watch this episode of TechTalk with Tom Griffin for more detailed information.

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CTS Electronic’s New Model 520 Surface Mount!

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CTS Electronic Components, INC. recently informed the public of their new Model 520! This model is a quartz based, clipped sine output, surface mount temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO). This oscillator provides great performance and exists in a 2.5mm x 2.0mm surface mount package. These applications also include wireless communications, broadband access, test and measurement, WLAN/WiMAX/WIFI, [...]

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CTS Tusconix Releases Seven New Sample Kits

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CTS Tusonix, a subsidiary of CTS Corporation, informed the public of their release of seven new sample kits consisting of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) filters that are perfect for use in military applications, industrial control processing equipment, telecommunications and T&M transport systems in the United States as well as the European market. [...]

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CTS adds Fansinks for High Temp Applications

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CTS Corporation released a new thermal product earlier this year. The product is fansinks for high temperature applications. CTS Corporation already has an extensive product portfolio including an extensive line of heat sinks and thermal management solutions. With the addition of the new fansinks which maintain superior thermal dissipation for devices that give off high amounts [...]

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CTS teams with Microsemi with master clock fan-out buffer!

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CTS Electronic Component Solutions, recently created and tested a combined reference design that will provide high quality products for applications that need a master clock with a fan-out buffer that provide ultra-low jitter, and stay true to performance output. CTS has combined its crystal clock oscillators with Microsemi’s high-performance fan-out buffers to distribute different output clocks [...]

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CTS Frequency Portfolio Expanded to Include Semiconductors

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CTS Electronic Components Inc., has recently publicized their addition of frequency related Semiconductors to their product options. This new line of circuits includes buffers and dividers, capacitive tuning, cable driver and PECL/ECL logic that complement its current Frequency Control portfolio. CTS Electronics Components Inc., is a leader in the world of designing and manufacturing a wide [...]

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CTS TC Series

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CTS has updated their Real Time Clock Oscillators in a series of 4 of their most popular package sizes. CTS Corporation was founded in 1896, and is known around the world for their design and manufacturing of a vast selection of electronic components, sensors and actuators. By accommodating the equipment manufacturer's needs, CTS has celebrated over [...]

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Crystal Clock Oscillator

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Harsh Environment Crystal Clock Oscillator with Enhanced Stability The Model 680, recently announced by CTS Electronics Components as their latest product series, is a rugged HCMOS crystal clock oscillator that is small in size and light weight. This oscillator operates under wide ranges in temperature and harsh environments. There are many key features that the Model [...]

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