Bel Power Solutions Revolutionizes Power Conversion

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Bel Power Solutions Revolutionizes Power Conversion

Bel Power Solutions is among the largest manufacturers in the world of power supplies and has a stellar reputation of giving top of the line, authentic power solutions.

Bel Power Solutions completely changed the process of power conversion when they produced the Platinum-level efficiency front ends to the datacom market.

Bel Power Solutions provide a premier line of standard products in the industry for products with Network Power, AC-DC and DC-DC power conversion, and more products that require application specific power conversion.

Below are a list of three options available in this series with their features:

The Bel Power Solutions 350DNC40-12G is a 4kW DC/DC Converter that enables DC voltages in both hybrid as well as electric vehicles that are idea to power accessories with low voltage. Regardless of whether a DC/DC converter is liquid cooled or convection cooled, it functions at input voltages ranging from 240 to 430 VDC and offers a power range of up to 4000 W/3300 W (liquid/natural cooled version).

Features include but are not limited to:

  • High efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Low output voltage noise
  • Superior dynamic response to load/input changes

The PFE/PET Series of AC-DC front-ends combine Platinum-level 80-PLUS efficiency greater than 94% Power Factor Correction as well as a small form factors with a wide range of input voltage from 90 to as much as 264 VAC and 5.0V or 3.3V pin-selectable standbys. This series would be best suited for customers looking for a high performance and dependability server, router or network switch. Customers have the ability to navigate freely between models which enables system optimization a the diration of the design cycle.

Lasly, the INV Series of inverters is ideal for users needing high voltage DC BUS voltages to power 120 or 240V AC accessories. This series is a DC/AC inverter that has the ability to convert high-voltage DC power into split phase AC power necessary for driving AC accessory loads specifically from the High Voltage DC Drive or Battery Bus. DC/AC inverters that are liquid cooled operate at input voltages ranging from 240 to 430 VDC and power ranges as much as 6000W. This inverter uses CAN communication to the vehicle controller, enabling the choice of operational modes and frequency selection. This DC/AC inverter is composed in an aluminum enclosure that is sealed and primed to be adhered to the vehicle chassis.



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