AM TOUCH, USA: A Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction

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AM TOUCH, USA: A Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction

Company Profile

Established in 1998, AM Touch, USA (AMT) is committed to the development and innovation of resistive and projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) total touch solutions. With a subsidiary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they design and manufacture high-performance, high-durability touch products geared toward industrial and medical applications. Customers come to AMT for their great product quality, reliability, and immediate support services. They make it their mission to ensure customer satisfaction.

AM Touch, USA continues to enable successful Whole-Solution industry deployments with full controller and driver support for all current environments and operating systems.

AMT’s unique value lies in its ability to fulfill the disparate needs of customers. The high quality of AMT’s products and the flexibility of production are core competencies that help them maintain a leading position in the market. They have a dedicated R&D team working tirelessly to design advanced touch products that make the human-machine interface an effortless experience.



AMT provides best-in-class products for customers around the globe. They guarantee the normal functionality to their touchscreens, even in harsh environments.

AMT utilizes the best materials and offer a wide-range of product lines. AMT touch products offer reliable total touch solutions for various industrial or other end-user applications and fulfill the needs of a wide array of applications, including:

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Medical equipment or appliances
  • Information appliance (IA)
  • Industrial applications
  • Handheld systems
  • Others


AMT will not be confined to one market positioning. They continue to develop new products and expand the services of their touch solutions by launching PCI touch panels with advanced features and value-added resistive touch panels that competitively meet the demands of a diverse market.

To service customers across the globe, AMT has a worldwide distribution network. They are ready to share our experience and provide after-sales services to answer any questions customers may have regarding product features or integration so that our touch products can be used with ease in different environments.

Superior Touch Technology

Touch Panel Partner of the Top 10 Global HMI Companies

AMT provides comprehensive touch solutions. They possess a wealth of design experience and superb manufacturing techniques. They specialize in custom creating high quality and high-spec touch products for world renowned industrial, medical, and commercial enterprises. Our spirit is quality first and foremost in value.

Advanced Resistive Touch Products

A Leader in Resistive Touchscreens

AMT has over 16 years of experience in the field of resistive touchscreens. They offer standard 4/5/8-wire touchscreens as well as advanced resistive touchscreens that will meet the divergent needs of the market.

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